For several years, GABER company has had a very attractive commercial product directed at other family transport companies.
We offer you a permanent, well organized work in the asphalt transport. We have concluded several years’ contracts with the greatest asphalt producers. After the conclusion of an appropriate contract we lease new cistern semi-trailer to you to transport asphalt and we convey daily commissions for the transport of goods.
Currently, we are preparing contracts for 2024.
The companies cooperating with us may full up with petrol in the network of petrol stations called LOTOS BIZNES, ORLEN, SHELL and compensate the costs in the invoices issued for us for transport services.


GABER company has very good commercial contacts with transport companies in France, Germany, Holland, and Belgium and may import for you a tractor unit, semi-trailer, or specialist car for an attractive price.

For this purpose, please contact GABER TRUCKS.

We also help find the most favourable crediting form of a mean of transport (operating leasing, credit, or long-term lease).

We invite your cooperation.